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Online Resources

This section contains a list of websites (which is by no means complete) designed to help beginning computer and Internet users.


Computer User Dictionary

Ever wonder what LOL or TTYL means? This online dictionary provides definitions for online chat/text messaging terms as well as general computer and technology terms. Both searchable and browseable, this is also a great resource to use when you are shopping for computers and want a thorough understanding of built-in features.

Learn the Net

Run by a private company, this website offers a wide range of easy to read articles: how to shop online, how to share digital photos, how to listen to your favorite programs on the Internet, and more. Learn the Net also offers a glossary and interactive animations that demonstrates how components of the Internet work.

Learner's Guide to the Computer

Part of the Grass Roots Design website, this guide explains the basics of computers and the Internet as well as the finer points of web design and E-commerce.

The Senior's Guide to Computers

This site, written in plain English, provides several printable articles on computer, email, and Internet basics. Also featured is a glossary of terms and instructional videos on subjects ranging from cutting and pasting text to using Windows Explorer.  Note: users need to scroll down to find the articles on each page.


Have you seen or heard a computer term and have no idea what it means? This online dictionary of computer terminology can get you up to speed on the latest computer terminology.