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Consumer Reports from the Comfort of Home

The latest database that I would like to highlight as part of my summer blog series on the New Berlin Library’s database collection is Consumer Reports. Every day at the reference desk we get requests to view the Consumer Reports. These magazines have been a trusted source for product reviews from refrigerators to cars to computers and everything in-between since the 1930’s. Many of the patrons here at New Berlin Library swear by their critiques and ratings of the world’s most-used products.

My grandmother never bought a new appliance without fumbling through the pages of her Consumer Reports. “You gotta do your research,” she would say, “with the products that are being manufactured these days you are lucky to get 5 years out of them compared with the 20 years we expected in the 60’s and 70’s”. My grandmother would never have expected that all these years later her local library would be offering her favorite periodical for free and directly available in the home through the online access of our database collection.

Simply log-on to the Bridges database collection on the New Berlin Public Library site through the tab under "Resources for Adults” titled, “Databases For Adults” and select “Bridges Library System Databases” and then scroll down to Consumer Reports to enjoy thousands of reviews of a wide variety of products. So the next time the washing machine is on the fritz do your research with Consumer Reports Online through New Berlin Public Library to ensure that the product you are buying will last for years to come.

Consumer Reports

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