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July is Park and Recreation Month

This July the library is offering two amazing programs to help you make the most of your outdoor adventures!


Explore Wisconsin State Parks

Tuesday, July 19th    
10-11:30 am  
Conference Room

After watching the DVD Wisconsin State Parks, we will view various sources to find which parks you might want to add to your bucket list for the summer!


Taking the Trail to Great Recreation and Improved Health

Wednesday, July 20th    
10-11:30 am  
Community Room


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource’s Southeast District Trail Coordinator, Melissa Cook will discuss the close to home opportunities to recreate on State Trails.


Trails offer a pathway to a healthier life, cleaner environment, and lower stress and are a great way to introduce your kids to the original reality show called nature.

Want more ways to celebrate the great outdoors?

The National Parks and Recreation Association is hosting a Super Park Selfie contest. Find out more here.  

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