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Spend Time Learning This Summer with Free Gale Courses

As I continue showcasing the databases here at New Berlin Public Library, I am excited to let you all know about another of our favorite offerings, Gale Courses. This summer is the perfect time to further your education. With Gale Courses, it is easy to gain knowledge in a number of great course areas including accounting & finance, business, computer applications, design & composition, healthcare & medical, and a myriad of other areas that will entice you. The best part about it is that it is free for our members. Take some time working on gaining knowledge in an area of interest that you have always wanted to investigate. Learn how to use your digital camera to capture great memories, learn how to create your own blog, get an introduction to Windows 10, learn how to start your own business, learn the basics of interior design, learn to buy and sell on ebay. I could go on and on with all of the great possibilities. I highly recommend taking advantage of this amazing offering from New Berlin Public Library.

Gale Courses

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