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Library Card Sign-Up Month

Sally from the Peanuts comic strip gang said it best, “Happiness is having your own library card!" And the month of September is a time where we celebrate the joys of having a library card and urge those who don’t already have one to sign-up!

So just who can get a New Berlin library card?

Residents of Waukesha and all other Wisconsin counties, except Milwaukee, are eligible for a card at NO COST after presenting a current photo ID and proof of residence. Children age 5 or older can get their very own library cards, so long as a parent or guardian is present and has a current ID. Children who live in Milwaukee County by attend school in New Berlin are also eligible for a library card with current identification and proof of enrollment.

And don't forget!

New Berlin is part of the Bridges Library system. That means New Berlin Public Library is able to accept a patron’s valid library card from any of the public libraries in Waukesha and Jefferson county. And those of you who already have cards, can use them at those libraries too!

If you have any questions about getting a library card, stop in or call at 262-785-4980.

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