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1st Annual Project Rainway Barrel Auction

To raise awareness of water as a limited natural resource, the New Berlin Public Library partnered with the Waukesha County Green Team and invited artists, students, and community members to create rain barrel masterpieces to be put up for auction! Want to participate? It’s easy! The bidding begins at our preview night on Friday, May 12th from 5:30-6:30 pm. You will be able to meet the artists at this time! The silent auction will continue through May 27th.

1. Visit the library!

Stop by between May 13th and 27th for information on water conservation and learn how rain barrels benefit the environment by conserving water for household activities like watering lawns, gardens, and kiddie pools.

2. View the barrels!

Twenty-five local artists, schools, and organizations have decorated standard yard rain barrels. The barrels will be scattered around the library for viewing and bidding starting the evening of May 12th. Maps of the barrel locations and artists will be available in the front lobby.

3. Bid on a barrel!

When you find a barrel you’d like to have in your own yard, stop at the 2nd floor Reference Desk to fill out a registration form and receive your personal bid number. At this point, you can use this number to place your silent bid at the paperwork placed on the individual barrels. Bidding ends May 27th.

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