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Bike to Work Day

May is National Bike Month, but the biggest day during this month-long observation is Bike to Work Day. Friday, May 19, people are encouraged to bicycle to work.

Did you know?
40% of all trips in the U.S. are less than two miles, making bicycling a feasible and fun way to get to work. With increased interest in healthy, sustainable and economic transportation options, it’s not surprising that, from 2000 to 2013, the number of bicycle commuters in the U.S. grew by more than 62 percent.

Before you set out on your bicycle, it’s important to remember that a bicycle isn’t a toy, it’s a vehicle which means riding safely should be a priority. Here are some bicycle safety tips.

  • Wear a Helmet : Helmets save lives, plain and simple. Every rider should wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet
  • Check Your Equipment : Make sure the tires are properly inflated and the brakes work. Have your bike adjusted to fit you. 
  • Be Visible : Wear neon, fluorescent, or other bright colors so you’re easy to spot. Always remember that just because you can see a driver doesn’t mean he or she can see you. 
  • Stay Alert And Be Aware : Always be on the lookout for obstacles and road hazards. Don’t listen to music or talk on the phone while riding. 
  • Act Like a Car : Obey traffic laws and lights. Follow appropriate traffic patterns. Be sure to use hand signals to let others know where you’re going.
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