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Eat Better & Move More! Those seem like two very simple statements. They are also statements for which we are desperate for this post-holiday time of year. Have you heard those fitness commercials from the point of view of the elastic-waisted sweatpants? We are in full Wisconsin winter hiberation mode and it seems like we've been Eating More & (Can't) Move Better. With 2014 upon us and resolutions for healthy living aside, what is simple is this library program offering that helps to you learn and reinforce good nutrition and exercise routines. Tuesday, February 25th from 1-3 (through Tuesday, April 29th) we will be launching a 10-week nutrtion and activity program for patrons over 50 called "Eat Better & Move More"

The highlights of this weekly program are learning nutrition information for healthier eating habits, using a step counter and exercise bands to improve strength and learning exercises to improve stamna, flexibility, strength and balance. 

Together with the Waukesha County ADRC and the Mount Mary College Dietetics Department, we are going to show you that it is that simple!

Pre-registration is required. Just call the library and we'll save you a spot. 262-785-4980


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