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Bo Diddley popularized the idiom in his 1962 blues hit, but since, a broad array of musicians have also warned with lryics not to “judge a book the the cover.” While figuratively, we need to be aware of judging at first glance, in the world of the library, it’s literally what occurs.  According to research conducted by the Codex Group, a book-audience research company, the first two seconds that readers are browsing for books are very telling. The first impression of a book, unless you’ve heard of the title or author from a friend, is its cover.  The book cover is the face the book shows to the world regardless of content (TCNJ).  What determines the books that will attract us in that brief flicker of communication between eye and mind as we browse the library shelf? Is it color? Is it the font on the binding, a clever title, a funky graphic? We all have different triggers that will cause us grab books. Triggers, based on factors as simple as if you had breakfast in the morning to as complex as a person’s cultural background. What a job it is to determine what could or should attract different demographics of readers to select or purchase books! 

For a little fun to celebrate the month of cupid, hearts and romance, we begin our 2nd annual “Blind Date with a Book” program.  Disregard the psychology of book selection…release all the uncertainty and place your trust in our library hands.  Our skilled circulation and librarian matchmakers have selected some amazing fiction and wrapped our favorites for you to take home on a “Blind Date” and hopefully fall madly in love.  Within each wrapped read is a “Rate Your Date” sheet that once completed and returned, acts as an entry in an end of month drawing for a gift certificate to a local New Berlin eatery.  Of course, you will have to bring a guest to discuss all the books you’ve read! 

Join us for fun way to surprise yourself and possibly read something you might never grab off the shelf!

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