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OverDrive+Polaris+Integration=Streamlined Service for eReaders

For those of you actively using the Wisconsin Digital Library (OverDrive) to check out the library’s eContent, there are a few upcoming changes to share. Yesterday, we began the integration of our digital Overdrive materials (those within the Wisconsin Digital Library) into our Polaris catalog (our library catalogs). Once complete, you will be able to place holds and checkout OverDrive eBooks or eAudiobooks directly from the library’s online catalog.

This new “library” called the Digital Library, will appear in the dropdown list of libraries in the online catalog (upper right area in the library catalog). When you select this Digital Library option, you will be searching only titles that are held by OverDrive.

What does this mean for you?

**You may use the library catalog search features to browse!

**When you check out OverDrive copies through the Polaris catalog (library catalog) the checkouts will show on your account just like any checkout for a physical item does.  

**When using the library catalog to place holds on any OverDrive titles, those holds will appear on your list of outstanding holds in your library account. These holds will count towards the total amount of holds allowed with the library (25) and OverDrive (10).

Note: When checking out the OverDrive copy from Polaris this process only checks the item out, you will still have to manually login to your OverDrive account to complete the download  to your device.   

This lengthy process of deleting and importing individual records between catalogs is being managed by Shawn at our WCFLS office. We look forward to sharing more details as we go “live” and the integration is complete! 

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