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City of New Berlin Photography Contest is a great chance to capture what you love best about New Berlin!

Photographers attending middle/high school in the City of New Berlin are invited to enter (their best high resolution images) to capture New Berlin through their own eyes.

Entering is free and by email. Please contact Georgia Stanford at with any questions.

Here's the criteria:

The mission of the contest is to celebrate the City of New Berlin; therefore all photos entered must be taken within our city limits.

Photos taken of locations outside the City will be disqualified, as will low resolution images that cannot be well reproduced in printed materials.

Be sure to set your camera or smart phone settings at the highest possible resolution for best results.

Photos may not have any recognizable faces included in them.

Winning Images: All entries will be placed on the website with the photographer’s name, which school they attend, and their photo title.

After the submission deadline (June 1st) the website page will be open to the public to vote on.

The top 3 pictures will be recognized by the Mayor, hung up at City Hall and posted/published in other areas as well; New Berlin Notes, City Leaflet, Facebook, etc.


For more information:

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