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New Berlin Public Library Hold Requests Service

The Hold Process

Let’s say a patron wants a particular item, but it isn’t on the shelf.  Here’s what happens when a hold is placed:

1) a computer request is placed (see below for options).

2) one or more of 24 libraries is notified of the request.

3) a member of that library staff pulls the book and registers the book for shipping.

4) transfer bins are loaded for each library’s requests.

5) a delivery truck picks up and delivers the bins to the respective libraries (Monday through Friday).

6) the bins are then unloaded by library staff and each item is labeled and shelved for patrons.

7) automated messages are sent to patrons indicating hold items are ready for pick up.


Having merged with Jefferson Country libraries in December 2015, patrons now have access to approximately 2.4 million items.  You, the New Berlin librarians, and the circulation staff can request items and have them shipped to the New Berlin Public Library for pick up.  For popular items, a holds queue may exist, but you can add your name to the list.  The item will be delivered as soon as possible.


If you would like to place a hold request, you may 1) call us, 2) speak to a librarian or circulation aide in the library, 3) use the in-library card catalog or 4) use the on-line catalog from home.  Let us know if we can help with any of these processes. 


Patrons will be notified when their hold items are ready for pick up and checkout. If you have any fees or fines on your card, you are required to pay those before checking out your holds. Items at the New Berlin Public Library will be held for four days at the circulation desk.  After four days, the item is returned to circulation.  We are always happy to help you get the materials you want and appreciate your timely attention for hold requests. 

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