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Wild Edibles

Have you ever been out for a hike and found yourself feeling peckish? Perhaps you’ve been camping and didn’t pack enough food. Did you know that there are wild edible plants all around you? All you have to do is learn what to search out, and those plants you definitely should avoid!

One commonly found plant in the New Berlin area is a Dandelion. Did you know you can eat the entire plant? Many people love to add the leaves to salads, while others make a tea or wine from the flower! Wild growing Clover is another easy one to spot, and one you can eat the entirety of. It has a sweet taste that is distinctly its own. A third edible is the common Daylily, but be careful to test this one. Some people can get a stomach upset from it. If you can stomach it, the tubers, leaves and flowers can make some good eating!

Now, let’s also discuss the need for caution. Make sure you know what you’re picking, and that it IS in fact edible! Always start out with a small portion when eating any wild edible to make sure that your body isn’t sensitive to it. Also, always always wash any items that you pick, and scope out the area you picked it from. Typically, you’ll want to avoid places near very busy roadways or train tracks, or anywhere that would experience a high use of chemical herbicides.

If you’re interested in learning more, below are some titles to help!

Then on Wednesday, July 12th the library will be hosting a program on wild edibles. Dianne Robinson from the DNR will be here at 6:00 pm in the library's Heritage Room to explain all about wild plants that are edible. She'll go over what's safe to eat and what you want to avoid.

No registration is required. 


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