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In the 1920’s Scottish documentarian John Grierson understood documentaries to be “cinema's potential for observing life” Similarly, Soviet film-maker Dziga Vertov saw documentary film as capturing "life as it is.” From our present day obsession with reality television to a genre of film that has become a contender for our box office dollars, documentaries help us connect with what is happening around us. Be it a social, political or environmental issue of concern, a biography or historical period…even a place we’ve always wanted to travel,  documentaries are great ways to keep us informed and as Grierson believes, “observing life.”

While we took a short hiatus, starting in January 2014, the library welcomes back our film documentary series “Keepin’ It Reel” to the library’s adult programming calendar.

The following films will be screened Mondays from 2-4:30 in the libray’s 2nd floor conference room. Films are subject to change based on availability without notice.

2014 Keepin' It Reel Film List

January 6: Chasing Ice

February 3: Hardwater

March 3: The Rape of Europe

April 7: No Impact Man

May 5: The Botany of Desire

June 2: The House I Live In

July 7: The Stories We Tell

August 4: Bully

September 15: The Interrupters

October 6: Buck

November 3: Objectified

December 1: The Summit

We hope you will join us!

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