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Author Appearance: David Miles

The DOA Who Made It!: Are You Ready to Take Your Last Breath?

Thursday, April 3, 2014 | 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

"It was a warm, sunny, Tuesday afternoon. I was waiting at the red light at a busy interchange when another motorcycle pulled up next to me, in the same lane, also now waiting to go home, or to a friend's house, or maybe shopping. The very next thing he did was watch me fly like a circus aerial act, bouncing off car roof tops, and sailing all the way across the huge intersection. With no prior intention, I was on my way to meet my maker and face up to the life that I had been living until then-all initiated by a drunk in an old, four-door sedan who had no plans on even slowing down. Resuscitated over and over on the asphalt, I was eventually rushed to the hospital, where my wife was repeatedly told that I would not be alive much longer. Not being a believer of that kind of talk, she took peace in her heart that I would survive to be with her and our two little boys. Now, having been comatose for two weeks, I awoke frightened and was told that I had little hope of much of a recovery." 

Join us to hear more of David's provacative story...

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