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Our New Berlin Library Home Delivery Program provides the opportunity for patrons who may be homebound to enjoy the benefits of the home! This free program is available for your permanent use, for use temporarily while you recover from an illness, or as we saw THIS past Wisconsin winter, a service you use seasonally.

Getting started is quick and easy. Volunteer Home Delivery Coordinator Pat Sherry or Adult Services Librarian, Natalie Beacom, will chat with you about the types of books you like and subjects you're interested in. Are Westerns your favorite? Romance? Mysteries? What about western romance mysteries?  We have something for everyone!  After we have an idea of your reading tastes and format (Large Print, Audio Books, even DVDs and Music CDs!) our Home Delivery Volunteers select materials for you.  We deliver once a month and have the rotation designed so we are picking up old items and bringing new ones to you without you having to travel past your doorstep. To register for this free service, contact Pat or Natalie at 262-785-4980.

One of our Home Delivery patrons recently wrote some book reviews on the materials we brought her... these might be worth having us get for you! 

A Fine Dark Line By: Joe R. Lansdale

"Very, very good. So good that after I finished I gave it to my neighbor and she thought it was great as well. Story of a boy who became a "man" during one summer. A book one didn't want to put down. Circa 1950."

The Witness By: Nora Roberts

"Excellent!!!!!! A 16 year old witnessed a Mafia murder. She is very intelligent. Hides out for 12 years. Just great."

The Independent Bride By: Leigh Greenwood

Circa 1860. Easy reading. Romance in Colorado territory. Two sisters from St. Louis attempt to operate a store they inherited.



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