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NBPL Supports the Arts!

Our Volunteer Library Curator, Leona Roesch, an artist herself, oversees our Library Gallery space.  Leona is instrumental in working with local artists to make sure different styles are represented in our gallery. It’s always exciting to see what will brighten our main hall every month! 

For the month of May, we are excited to welcome a wonderful group of student artists from the Donna Lexa Art Centers.  With locations in Waukesha, West Bend and West Milwaukee, the mission of this group is to ”promote creativity, dignity and community for people with special needs through art.” The Donna Lexa Art Center serves adults and teens with cognitive and physical disabilities, as well as individuals with mental health concerns. In addition, they offer art classes for senior citizens dealing with the challenges of aging.  Donna Lexa’s mission “strengthens self-esteem, fosters independence, and provides new ways to express feelings. Art develops creative and critical thinking, which not only teaches our student artists new skills, but also provides a sense of well-being and enjoyment!”  “Art means friends” … “art helps me relax, makes me happy, keeps me busy, helps my eye-hand coordination” are just a few of the artist’s comments when sharing the benefits of the art programs. The art work is beautiful and complex and a welcome addition to the library.  In advance, many thanks for visiting to support this group of artists and their work!

For more information on the Donna Lexa Art Centers, please visit or Betsy Foss-Campbell, Executive Director E: P:  262-521-2292

Another way to support the arts at the NBPL is through participation in our Learn About the Artist (LAB) Program. Every month art lovers gather for a short biographical presentation about an artist and then share feedback on the artist's work. LAB celebrates 5 years of shared learning about artists as diverse as Chihuly to Lego Art. Thankfully, “art” offers a limitless amount of information with lots of opportunity to learn.  Please visit our web calendar for upcoming LAB dates. Newcomers are always welcomed!

Finally, as you browse the stacks or of particular notice, the walls around our media collection on the first floor, you will notice that we are in the process of swapping out some of our library’s art work. Our Head of Circulation, Susan Nance is heading up the staffers to make some visual changes. Please share with us your feedback as we begin to reimage the space with new artwork. While we know it will be difficult to see pictures like this rendering of a six foot teddy bear playing baseball leave the library’s art collection, we know the NB Park and Recreation Department will cherish it as we have.  Don't worry... we still have some good stuff and as you've read in Marnie's Blog post...the "Eclectic Art" Sale begins May 1st!



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