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Gale Courses in 2015!

The NBPL is supporting a new WCFLS initiative which will be launching this January---we are excited to share it with you! Welcome to the NBPL Gale Courses!

Gale Courses, a learning service resource, delivers hundreds of online educational opportunities in engaging and in instructor led format. The course curriculum has been tied to the Bureau of Labor Statistic's research on the fastest growing occupations and courses are meant to focus on professional development, technology skills and personal development. So diverse are the course offerings that you will find many options that meet your personal and professional needs.  For example, if you are interested in computer programming and web application/design, you may opt for a basic course or more advanced in any of the following: CompTIA, Linux, Java PHP, MySQL Java, Ajax, Python, Ruby, Perl and the list continues…

The Gales Course Resource is free to our community!

         Use the following link to search the course catalog and to enroll in classes that start in January!


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