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The Roaming Gnome of the Youth Department

You may have found Waldo, but have you found our gnome? 

This summer, the sneaky children's librarians are hiding a gnome around the Youth Services Department. This little 4 inch statue will move around the department every few days. 

Finding the gnome is one of the challenges on the Reader Challenge Sheet this summer, but anyone can have fun looking for it! Have a look! See if you can find our little gnome.

If you do, be sure to tell one of our librarians, but do so quietly! And don't forget, even if you find it, he will move around, so be sure to have a look the next time you visit the library.

Good luck!

TAGS     Youth department,  gnome,  Summer Reading Program
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Melissa is a Youth Services Librarian at the New Berlin Public Library... Read More »

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