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Find Your Invincible Summer!



"In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer"  -Albert Camus

This Vizsla’s sad face is most likely the result of being dressed in human winter wear for a pending polar vortex versus suffering from what we sometimes call the “winter blues."  But, the sadness in her  face can be seen among us as we bear through the long stretch of winter days. These doldrums of winter were formally researched and defined in 1984 by Norman E. Rosenthal and his colleagues at the National Insitute of Mental Health. The clinical term for the winter-based depression-like symptoms is called “Seasonal Affective Disorder.”  From mood swings to fatigue to clinical depression to low energy, the "blue" symptoms fit within a broad spectrum. Looking at a few statistics online, it's Interesting that the prevalence of SAD in the U.S. ranges from 1.4% in Florida to 9.9% in Alaska. I posed the question of managing SAD to local author and Chirpractor Dr. Janice Jurack (Muskego Health & Wellness) and she’s come up with some natural ways for us to take control and battle the blues! 

Join us on Thursday, Jan. 22nd from 10-11:15 for Dr. Jurack's presentation and let the library help you find in yourself an “Invincible summer."


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