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Blind Date With a Book!

We have assembled a batch of eclectic fiction reads, wrapped them in brown paper bags, decorated them with a few hearts and ribbon in the hopes they will appeal to your sense of adventure. Our 3rdAnnual Blind Date With a Book Program begins on Feb.1st and runs through Feb.15th. The goal is for book lovers to select a blind date book package and when unwrapped…it’s a unexpected surprise, but LOVE!

Often times we select authors we like and themes that may be predictable because we KNOW we’ll enjoy them... there is safety in the known. But in February, we ask that for 15 day you stretch yourselves and share blind faith in us…trust our literary judgement and fall for a new story. Perhaps it is one you might not pick for yourself while browsing the shelves? Last year Judy read a western and Joe picked a science fiction title and both  left the library surprised with their date and happy for the challenge!

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