Meeting & Study Rooms

The primary purpose of the meeting rooms is to enable the library to extend its own programs to the New Berlin community. As a further service, the Library offers the use of its meeting rooms, when available, to qualifying groups. 

For complete details on meeting room usage and regulations see: NBPL_Meeting_Room_Policy

All requests to use the meeting rooms must be made online on the application below:

General Information for Room Use:

  • Meetings may be scheduled only during the hours the Library is open. Your meeting must start and end at the times requested on your application.
  • Applicants may reserve the meeting room(s) a maximum of 12 times within a calendar year, with an option for six additional reservations, based on availability. 
  • Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Use of facilities must be in compliance with Library policies and all Federal, State and local laws; ADA, safety standards, and building-code requirements. To meet eligibility, the library, at its discretion, may require groups to provide proof of insurance, residency and/or tax exemption.

The New Berlin Public Library does not advocate for or endorse the viewpoints of meetings or meeting room users. Informational flyers, advertisements, or any other publications issued by the group must explicitly state: "The New Berlin Public Library and its Board of Trustees do not endorse or sponsor the event."

Do you qualify?

Eligible Groups: 

  • Waukesha County, non-profit: Individuals, organizations, clubs, or groups must be based in Waukesha County. No fees required for room use. 
  • Waukesha County, for-profit: Individuals, organizations (including condo associations) or businesses based in Waukesha County. Meetings are held for internal conferences, staff training, or evaluation sessions. (These meetings are closed to the public and/or potential customers. Fees: Community Room, $50; Other rooms, $25;Equipment, $10
  •  Outside Waukesha County, non-profit: Individuals, organizations, clubs, or groups based outside Waukesha County who serve Waukesha County residents. No fees required for room use.
  •  New Berlin Residents: Residents of New Berlin may hold social functions that follow the guidelines of this policy. These functions may take place during the Library’s operating hours and are limited to a maximum of three hours, to include room set-up and take-down. Fees: Community Room, $100; Heritage Center Meeting Room, $50; Equipment, $10.

Fees (if applicable):

The Library accepts cash or check made out to: New Berlin Public Library. 

Room and Equipment payment must be made within 5 business days of submitting application.


If you require more information, please email the Library Office Coordinator at