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About Our Collection

We specialize in books, but we have much more than that! Take a look at the special collections you have access to with your library card.

Featured Collections

Little sprouts

Seed Library

Adding to your garden has never been so easy! We have seeds from garden centers and community members alike.

Vinyl Records collection

Vinyl Records

We have your favorite albums– now on vinyl! From pop artists like Taylor Swift to composers like Erik Satie, we are continually adding more to our collection.

Board games on shelf

Board Games

We have board games for whatever game night you’re planning! Whether it’s a classic like Yahtzee or a Virtual Reality Mystery board game, we’d love to help you find your new favorite.

Senior woman smiling and taking a picture with a camera

Dementia & Memory Resources

Whether you’re caring for someone with memory loss, or you’re living with it yourself, we have resources that you might find useful. We have memory kits, 13-100 piece puzzles with pictures for adults, games, picture books for adults, and more.

White board filled with Biology notes

Test & Career Prep

Books in this collection are helpful if you’re studying for a big test- NCLEX, CDL, ACT, SAT, and more. This collection gets updated regularly, so you can be sure you’re getting current information.

Book shelves in the library

Large Print

We have a wide variety of large print books–both fiction and nonfiction. Get the book you’re looking for in an easy to read format.

STEM kit


STEM Kits help children learn about science, technology, engineering, and math topics through reading, tinkering, and exploring! Kits include hands-on activities, learning games, or scientific equipment and are appropriate for all ages.

Three teens smiling and looking at books

Book Club Kits

Book club kits are totes that are ready for your book club! Most of our book club kits have 10 copies of a specific title, along with discussion information for your meeting.