YA Book Lists

Recommended Reads for Teens

  • Adventure: Looking for a story to sweep you off to the high seas, the far reaches of space, or on a dangerous mission? This list is for you.
  • Clean Reads: These books contain little to no violence, sexual situations, or mature language.
  • Coming of Age: Stories about teens growing up, finding themselves, or dealing with challenging situations.
  • Fantasy: Escape to magical worlds.
  • Historical Fiction: Travel to the past in one of these immersive reads. 
  • Horror: Prepare to sleep with the lights on if you read one of these books before bed. 
  • LGBTQIA+: Stories featuring LGBTQIA+ teens. 
  • Mystery/Thriller: Searching for tense or suspenseful tales? Look no further. 
  • Romance: Laugh, cry, swoon. All's fair in love and fiction. 
  • Science Fiction: Do you enjoy stories set in alternative or futuristic worlds dominated by technology or scientific advancements? These are the books you're looking for. 
  • Books for Guys: Books across several genres that have a wide appeal with teen guys. 
  • Graphic Novels: Whoever said comics are just for kids never read the great titles on this list. 

If you're looking for more recommendations, consider using Novelist, an online database of book recommendations, read-alikes, and book reviews. You can also email the teen librarian, Jessica, at jmadey@newberlinlibrary.org.